What are your needs?

No financial situation is impossible to repair. Let's work to achieve your consulting, counseling, and coaching needs. Each benefit is highlighted in the appropriate section below. Sessions are offered over the phone, via Skype, and in person for individuals located in the Central Virginia region. Hours are flexible and adjusted to provide optimal relaxation for clients to discuss intimate issues. Instant message has recently proven to be a sufficient option.
  • Unbiased Opinion
  • Establishing a Budgeting Plan
  • Debt Elimination
  • Credit Improvement
  • Detailed Spending Analysis
  • Exploring Investing Options
  • Defining Retirement Needs
  • Implementing Safety Controls
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  • Reviewing Past Mistakes and Common Pitfalls
  • Discussing Misconceptions: "Money Can't Buy Happiness"
  • Providing a Nonjudgmental Close Friend
  • Identifying Short & Long-term Goals
  • Stress-Free Environment
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  • Challenging Clients Past their Comfort Zones
  • Works to Build Confidence & Financial Strength
  • Maintaining Your Focus: "Eye on the Prize"
  • Encouraging Accountability
  • Avoiding Self-Sabotage
  • Motivating Success
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Why Hire a Financial Coach?

1. Reliable and trusted solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Financial Coaches work to remove the clutter and become your guide in the world of finance. Your outlined strategy is driven by your goals and capacity for risk and not any trendy get rich quick scams. Spending your hard earned money without a plan is similar to walking though an amusement park without a map; you’ll eventually get there, but not without a few wrong turns.
2. Proven experience, education, and professional credentials.

Ashley Lafaye is not affiliated with or a subsidiary of any other banking, consulting, or insurance firm; therefore product recommendations are limitless. I understand your financial and investment needs are unique. All provided guidance is solely based on your best interest. I have a passion for finance and aim to help you achieve your life goals while improving your financial well-being.